Been to Puerto de Pollensa market today ……


I have a MORCAMBE AND WISE TOASTER …….  (sp??)

When the toast is done, it is propelled into the air and lands where it will! 



Hello everyone out there! If you have been reading the blogs, I would be very interested to hear your opinion! Feel free to be brutally honest ((-:

Today I went to St Michael and All Angels Church, Caldecote – my home Church. I hadn’t been in the building for almost a year …. wonderful to be back in our little Church, and seeing the country Churchyard on a lovely sunny day. People have been worshipping God there for 8oo years. Amazing. (The hens aren’t mine! I live 2 miles from the church).  




I have had a lovely time blogging. Really enjoyed it. I hope you have been able to enter into my Sabbatical just a little. Now I am home, it all seems a distant dream, which strikes me odd. The plan is to use a computer device which I have downloaded to turn the blogs round chronologically, so that they read from first to last. If it comes off, it will be like reading a short e-book. Should be fun.

Operation Garden Rescue is on hold with the hot weather this week-end. Operation Paying-off-the-credit-card is on-going…… but it really was well worth it all. I will never have the same opportunity again, and I am so glad God enabled me to go and to cope with it all. I felt He protected me from beginning to end. It was truly a time of healing and rest.

Thank you Lord.

And good bye all!  Keep in touch!

email …

A small group of students and staff of the Boarding Houses attached to Breeks Memorial School, Ooty, South India went on a night hike to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower in August 1958 (I think it was that year). The hike was through the hills behind the boys’ boarding house, Lushington Hall (now the school called HEBRON).

There was absolutely no light in the sky from cities or towns, and I remember the blackness of the night was velevt and almost touchable. We had torches of course, and STARLIGHT. I don’t remember if the moon was full or not … perhaps somebody would care to work that out for me???

We had to hike past a lake called SUICIDE LAKE …. doubtless it was called that for a reason! Us pre-teens and teens were prtty scared, as you can imagine!

We ended up on a flat piece of land and lay down and viewed the sky. What unfurled was better than any fireworks display! We could see the Milky Way and millions of stars, but once the show began – WOW! Unforgettable. My memory is that it looked just like the photo below.

Too much cloud herabouts to see it this time, but I would have to drive somewhere dark, as the street lamps etc are toooooo bright round here.

Google “Meteorite Shower August 2012” . You will find all the info. If you need it, that is. you may already know ALL about it. I didn’t.

I have become well aquainted with people’s washing machines and irons this last 11 months!

– Benalmadena (base home) Spain

– Pollenca (appartment) Mallorca, Spain

– Puerto Pollenca (Appartment) Mallorca, Spain

– Beaconsfield (base May – July) UK

– Leamington Spa (Jackie and Richard) UK

– Leamington Spa (Sue and Nick) UK

– Atlanta (Neighbours’ of Jon and Erin) USA

– Toronto (Eddy and Saara’s Appartment) Canada

– and now, mine at home!! (Which is working very well too).

That makes 8. It doesn’t sound that many, really! But thank you to all those concerned.

The following were both URGENT and IMPORTANT yesterday and today … not in any particular order ….

– Cut the grass

– rescue the olive tree

– empty the cat litter box

– clean out the hen-house

– go to the grocery store / Morrisons

– call the tree man as several what were small trees are now TOO BIG … to arrange for him to come and have a look …

– put some flowering plants in my plant box near the front door to cheer us all up

– make the bed

– cut shrubs back near where I put my dusbins …. there is a place behind a trellis at the front of the house, but the shrubs were so overgrown that the bins had to be left in full view outside the front. Don’t like that. Put the bins out of sight.

– clean various places that the cleaners should have cleaned but didn’t (!!!)

– eat Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

– have some new-laid eggs for breakfast

– sit down with a cat on my lap (OFTEN)

WELL – I HAVE TICKED THEM ALL OFF the list. Good for me! Am v tired now!!!

Tomorrow’s Urgent and Important list is one item long …. RELAX .